Is Your Skin Choking? By Total Woman – Call Us On 02 9419 5022

Is Your Skin Choking? By Total Woman – Call Us On 02 9419 5022

Life moves fast, doesn’t it?

Work responsibilities, kids, (if you have them), community involvement and squeezing in some “me” time…Whew!

And where is the first place you notice all that stress? Your skin!

If the mirror is showing you a different picture than you want to see, it’s time to make some quick changes.

Let’s face it. Stress chokes everything about your life, especially your skin. If you see these signs:

– Deep, dark circles
– Dull, lifeless skin
– Gray or sallow skin
– Blackheads
– Sudden redness to your skin

Girl, you need to pull in the reins fast! Not only does your skin need some r & r, so do you!

Even though you know the drill, it’s time to hear it again. Get eight hours of good rest. That’s when your skin rejuvenates.

Use the right skin care and—USE IT FAITHFULLY! Don’t let anything, including burning the midnight oil, keep you from this essential wellness habit.

Get a facial. Better yet, make it a regular wellness activity to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Exfoliate regularly to get rid of the dead skin build up; add vitamin C and peptides to combat stress, brighten, lift and tone skin.


Is Your Skin Choking? – Call Us On 02 9419 5022

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