What Your Tension Spots Are Trying To Tell You

What Your Tension Spots Are Trying To Tell You

What Your Tension Spots
Are Trying To Tell You

Stress affects each of us differently. For some, it’s high blood pressure, chronic back pain, or migraines. For others, it’s neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, tightness, or adrenal fatigue.

Stress has so many faces that you may not instantly recognize your tension spot as a result of it. But here’s the interesting part. Researchers estimate that 80% of disease is stress-related.

The reason? We work too much and play too little. When we can’t experience a deep sense of contentment in life, the lack of it is going to show up elsewhere, usually as health problems.

That’s why massage is so beneficial. It works on many different levels to heal both physical and emotional pain. And that wobbly-let-me-just-space-out-for-about-an-hour feeling you get after a massage?

Well, that’s the therapy working on your Central Nervous System to re-program your response to stress and pain. In other words, it’s breaking the old cycle of pain and stress.

Massage lets you experience deep contentment—and that’s the one key ingredient for good health and business success. Yet, we experience it so little.

Those tension spots you keep rubbing and wishing would go away are asking for relief. Just like you are.

Massage gives you back your happy face, releases your body from old patterns of stress and pain, and puts more life in your life.

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