Facial Treatments, Waxing & IPL, Spray Tanning & Eye Treatments

Facial Treatments

Our range of facial treatments are designed to take care of your specific skin care needs. Experience the difference you’ll see and feel after a detailed consultation and skin assessment and treatment course designed by your therapist to achieve the results you’ve always desired.

Waxing & IPL Treatments

At Total Woman we take care to ensure a hygienic, waxing pain free experience. We use only high quality natural wax, with hot wax used on delicate areas with anaesthetic numbing spray and hair retarding gel also available.

The latest in IPL permanernt hair reduction treatments is also available at very reasonable prices.

Waxing for men is also welcomed.

Spray Tanning

For a safe tan, experience the best and original Tan Shower for only $50. Purchase three spray tanning sessions for $120 and receive one session free.

Eye Treatments

Total Woman offer a full range of eye-care treatments that will have your eye brows, eye-lashes and the skin around your eyes looking exactly as you’ve always wanted.

We have available Bioptron Swiss LED treatments that utilise 7 coloured lights to stimulate cell proliferation and enhance collagen synthesis of nutrients and oxygen to improve damaged skin and dramatically reduce the signs of ageing.

For even more impressive results we also have available new LED treatment technology from Galvanic for amazing lifting and firming of the skin around the eyes.

Pioneering Power Hyaluronic Eyes + Lashes

Achieves what no other has to date: lifting eyelids, strengthening lashes and intensely firming the eye contour.

A first in global beauty, mimicking an eye lift, the Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Eyes + Lashes significantly enhances lashes so they appear more dense and youthful, takes charge to uplift eyelids and then intensely firms the eye contour. In addition, it expertly addresses puffiness, dark circles and depth of wrinkles to leave the eyes refreshed and rejuvenated, way beyond expectations.