PAMPERING DAY SPA Spa Body Therapy Treatments

Spa body therapy treatments have been used in Europe for centuries for their revitalising, regenerating and therapeutic effects on the body and mind.

Spa treaments traditionally include mineral salt scrubs and seaweed wraps that act to detoxify our bodies, de-stress our psyches and restore a sense of balance in our lives.

But to enjoy the benefits of genuine Spa body therapy treatments it is often necessary to block out an entire day or weekend, perhaps even leave the city, and book into what have come to be known as “destination day spas”.

Practical Alternative to the Destination Day Spa

Not everyone has the time to experience the destination spa, and certainly most can’t enjoy the benefits of spa treatments at the exact time that they feel they need them most.

Now, the alternative to the destination spa is here at Total Woman in the heart of Chatswood where you can enjoy traditional day spa treatments regularly, economically and at your total convenience.


At Total Woman, we’ve put together combinations of our favourite skin and body spa treatments for you to select, either for yourself or as a special gift.


Get Ready for anything and turn on the WOW factor! Pure Facial, Eye Treatment / Lash Tint, and Brow Makeover.


Wellbeing body polish, Back, Scalp & Foot Massage and Vibra Body Massage


2 hours of complete bliss! Ultimate Facial and Oriental Massage.


Full Red carpet Treatment! Oxygen Facial, Lash Tint, Brow Shape, Foot & and Back Massage.


Senses will be awakened as you’re pampered in luxury. Enjoy an Ultimte Facial, Oriental Body Massage, Delicious Warm Body Exfoliation, Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, Lash Tint, Brow Shape, Take Home Skin Care and a healthy light lunch. We gurantee you’ll leave in a euphoric state of both body and mind.


Back Massage, Men’s Facial, Spa Manicure and Eyebrow Shape.