DIAMOND FLOWER PEEL microdermabrasion technology is a new fast growing application for skin resurfacing.

As a non-invasive technique, it respects skin integrity, THE DIAMOND FLOWER GRAINS are LARGER and LIGHTER than the standard Aluminium Oxide microdermabrasion crystals which means the larger flower grains can remove MORE epidermal skin tissue than regular Al crystals used for older microdermabrasion systems whilst minimising trauma, and correcting numerous skin conditions, helping to create a healthier visibly vital skin.

DIAMOND FLOWER PEEL technology world patent pending features a unique dual control system that allows each treatment to be individualised, and uses an adjustable applicator head that delivers a steady, straight-on,
powerful stream of specific DIAMOND FLOWER PEEL GRAINS to leave the skin smooth and fresh.

New Organic Microdermabrasion Diamond Treatment

This advance treatment as seen in the Red Door Spa in New York is amazing. Using flower essences and essential oils, the skin is Diamond micro dermabraised and then infused with selected essential oils for amazing radiant skin. No down time, no irritated skin this organic treatment is a must for skin rejuvenation. Great for wrinkles, scarring, tired and lifeless skin. $150 per treatment recommended in a course of 6 at our special price, where buy 5 and get 1 FREE